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Annes PleasHER Party!


San Francisco Bay Area , California



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Annes PleasHER Party! Details

Club Size : 0 square feet

Max. Occupancy : 0 people

Playroom Occupancy : 0 people

Alcohol Sold : BYOB

Food Available : No

On premise sex allowed : No

Dance Floor : No

Fetish Room/Area : No

Outside Area : No

Massage Area : No

Sauna : No

Jacuzzi : No

Swimming Pool : No

Smoking Allowed : No

Private Rooms : No

Private Locker : No

Operating Time and Entrance fees:
Day Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Annes PleasHER Party! Description

The ONLY Place for the Insatiable Sexual Woman to have good, clean, safe homegrown fun and be as naughty as she wants to be! RESERVE AND SECURE YOUR WET SPOT NOW! I want everyone at my party to be completely compatible. When I talk to each person on the phone, I look for wit, perkiness, and a sense of humor and if I like them. Those who sound shy, aggressive, uptight, hesitant or weird, will not get invited. A great personality is a big plus with me. My party philosophy is geared to the womans needs and desires; thats why I call them PleasHer Parties. Since I am such a horny slut, I figured that there must be other women like me out there. Guys always seem to be having all the fun, but at my parties, the women are the center of attention, as it should be. I do invite a few AESM (Annes Elite Single Males) to my parties; I got to have em! These guys are perfect gentlemen and they can fulfill every womans desire. They are guys whom i have known for over 2 years, theyhave been Annes PleasHer Party faithful, they know my rules and htey follow them; thats how they made it to my Elite list. I believe in variety and I believe in being very selective with my guests. Quality far out weights Quantity! I dont invite just anyone off the street or the Internet. Im not here just to see how many people I can get into a room. I have developed and I am the pioneer of a process that I follow with every single person that requests a wet spot at one of my parties. Its certainly not foolproof, nothing is, but it seems to be working as every one of my parties has been a complete success, with the last one being even better then the previous.

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