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Club Utopia


Fort Wayne , Indiana



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Club Utopia Details

Club Size : 0 square feet

Max. Occupancy : 0 people

Playroom Occupancy : 0 people

Alcohol Sold : BYOB

Food Available : No

On premise sex allowed : No

Dance Floor : No

Fetish Room/Area : No

Outside Area : No

Massage Area : No

Sauna : No

Jacuzzi : No

Swimming Pool : No

Smoking Allowed : No

Private Rooms : No

Private Locker : No

Operating Time and Entrance fees:
Day Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Club Utopia Description

Utopia is a place for Open Minded adults to come enjoy themselves. There is no room for judgment or bias. At Utopia status is left at the door and we are who we are. Nothing More! The club is well kept for your enjoyment. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon. 7500 square feet of space, 1 floor of quality, clean atmosphere, with plenty of open and private meeting rooms. Well lit parking area with lot security for your safety! Dart board, pool tables, big screen TV, music and dancing. Bring a good attitude, well supply the soda and finger food. FAQs What is swinging? Swinging is defined as the interaction between people for the purpose of intimate encounters with someone other than their spouse or significant other. What if I get jealous? Being uncomfortable or uptight is normal in the beginning stages. If you are not excited by the encounter, maybe this lifestyle isnt for you. Remember, you dont have to be with everyone who approaches you. You have the right to say NO or STOP anytime it quits being fun. This should be a pleasurable experience, not painful. How should I dress? You should dress however you are comfortable. We have a locker room if you prefer to change upon arrival. The attire will range anywhere from risqu to covered from head to toe. Its up to you to decide whats right for you. What can I expect? Expectations are as many as there are people. Some people like to watch, others like to be watched. There are those who are looking for a third and others who would like to trade. Some like to separate and some prefer to stay within an arms length. As you can see, the list goes on. What is an on-premise club? An on-premise club is a club with party rooms and an off-premise club is a social get together with any interaction taking place after you leave the club. We are an On-Premise club. Im single and looking for some action, is this the place to get it? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! This is a social club for all members to enjoy equally. Your rights STOP where theirs start. Club Utopia is not to be viewed as anything but a social get together with people of similar interests. If it progresses it is due to mutual consent only. No pressure of any kind will be tolerated.....

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