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VIP Playhouse


San Jacinto , California



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VIP Playhouse Details

Club Size : 0 square feet

Max. Occupancy : 0 people

Playroom Occupancy : 0 people

Alcohol Sold : BYOB

Food Available : Appetizers Snacks

On premise sex allowed : Yes

Dance Floor : Yes

Fetish Room/Area : No

Outside Area : Yes

Massage Area : Yes

Sauna : No

Jacuzzi : Yes

Swimming Pool : No

Smoking Allowed : in smoking area only

Private Rooms : Yes

Private Locker : No

Operating Time and Entrance fees:
Day Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday 6pm-6am
Tuesday 6pm-6am
Wednesday 1pm-6pm
Thursday 6pm-6am
Friday 6pm-6am
Saturday 9pm-4am
Sunday 4pm-12am

Members discount/benefits:

Bring a paying couple and get half off your contribution, bring two paying couples and get in free. Arrive on Saturday before 9:00pm and get $10.00 off your contribution, on Sunday arrive before 6:00pm and get $10.00 off your contributions.

VIP Playhouse Description

We are a group of couples and singles that enjoy the Lifestyle and each others company, we do so by engaging in sexy conversation, dancing, hot tubbing, hanging out by the pool and being free to do what consenting adults enjoy. Our Playhouse is fully equipped with playrooms, hot tubs, snacks, soft drinks and other fun amenities for our friends to enjoy either during one of our hot bi-monthly parties, weekly BI parties or privately by making prior arraignments. To spice things up a little bit, we work hard at having a live DJ spinning hot dance music, but if not we have a very nice sound system to play whatever guests like to hear, we may have a Professional Body Artist to decorate your skin with whatever your imagination dictates, a Licesensed Massage Therapist or two for couples massages as well as for our single friends, to relax & rid yourself of stress and get ready to party, and we have also invited sexy partners to bring lingerie, toys, lotions/oils/lube for you to purchase if you so desire! We are now holding Saturday and Sunday parties, the 2nd and 4th weekends of the month. Saturday - 8:00pm - 4:00am, Sunday 4:00pm - 12:00am.

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